Julia Klot

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Whisking the listener away with a stream of delicate piano chords, Klot sets the stage for you to lose yourself in the ethereal melodies before taking the spotlight with her exquisite vocals.”

The Burgundy Zine



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Brooklyn: CD
  • Brooklyn: CD

Brooklyn: CD

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"Brooklyn" CD: 4-panel Digipak -Featuring 8 tracks: 1) January Baby; 2) Follow Her Down; 3) Turn Around; 4) Carousel; 5) Brooklyn; 6) Time; 7) I Never Cared (Live); 8) I Never Cared -Featuring artwork by Lenore Hernandez & Anjali Rao-Herel

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Reminiscent of the emotive, powerful honesty of Orla Gartland, Birdy, and 2007 Sara Bareilles, the musicality of her stylistic choices, both instrumental and vocal arrangements, is intentional and mesmerizing in the way they bring out the bone-deep lyricism of each song.” - Nicole Ting

Say You'll Remember Me


Julia Klot


Julia Klot is a singer-songwriter and pianist based in Brooklyn, NY. With her original compositions, she creates melodic and intricate piano parts accompanied by her dynamic vocal range that throw it back to singer-songwriters such as Carol King and Elton John. Nicole Ting of music blog "Say You'll Remember Me" describes Julia's musical style as "reminiscent of the emotive, powerful honesty of Orla Gartland, Birdy, and 2007 Sara Bareilles." With her most recent release, "Ghost", Julia demonstrates her ability to pair lyrical story-telling with beautiful instrumental arrangements. 

Julia began her musical study with piano lessons at age 6 and was exposed to the world of songwriting through her teacher. By age 11, Julia was writing and recording original songs, meeting Radian Records producer Andrew Felluss on her first demo session. Soon the team began producing her debut album ‘Julia Klot’ (2014), The full length CD was released at SubCulture in New York City, where the band performed live to a packed house. 

Since the release of her debut album and first performance with a full band, Julia has gigged all throughout New York City. With the alluring energy she exudes through her performances, Julia has established herself at well-known historic venues such as The Bitter End, Rockwood Music Hall, and Mercury Lounge. 

Her sophomore release, the album “Brooklyn” (2019), features songs that were written over the course of her very first semester in college. “Brooklyn” is an exciting 8-song journey through Julia’s use of intriguing and captivating melody, harmony, and rhythm. With each song, the album unfolds a poignant story that draws inspiration from missing home and starting anew. 

Julia's new EP "Ghost" introduces the listener to a more serene and soulful side to her pop sound, with storytelling lyrics focused on the progression and cycles of relationships. While still pertaining characteristics unique to Julia's original piano-based style, "Ghost" the EP showcases Julia's experimentalism with synths, keyboard sounds, and arranging. The EP received plenty of positive praise and reviews. 

Julia is now returning to the gigging scene in NYC with a summer full of shows, and is working on her next single to be released soon. 

The display of Julia Klot's songwriting techniques jumps out of the speakers as she breaks a piece of her heart off to transmit this beautiful message dripped in luxurious harmonies. Reminiscent of Taylor Swift on the album 1989, Julia Klot truly sparkles bright with the manner in which she exudes her euphonious vocalization. ”

Buzz Music


“Ghost” is an intimate and dynamic dive into the universal feelings of how unconditional love transcends time and distance. It is an essential listen for those who are looking for a musically rich and honest retelling of what it means to love. ” - Marcia Hunt

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