Julia Klot


Julia Klot is a singer-songwriter and pianist based in Brooklyn, NY. A prolific writer and performer, Julia’s musical manuscript reflects a storied youthful life just beginning. With her original compositions, she creates melodic and intricate piano parts accompanied by her dynamic vocal range that throw it back to singer-songwriters such as Carol King and Elton John. With her most recent singles “Time”, “Carousel”, and “I Never Cared”, Julia demonstrates her ability to pair lyrical story-telling with beautiful instrumental arrangements. In her songs, she creates melodic stories of growth, love, loss, and happiness. 

Julia began her musical study with piano lessons at age 6. She learned classical music but was also exposed to the world of songwriting through her teacher. Encouraged by her teacher and family, Julia began writing music of her own, which she would perform for friends, classmates, and family. By age 11, Julia was writing and recording original songs, meeting Radian Records producer Andrew Felluss on her first demo session. Soon the team began producing her debut album ‘Julia Klot’ (2014),  with Lola Johnson conducting The Now Band (personnel: Aaron Brooks, Kyle McCammon, Gabe Cummins) and Julia at the keys holding her own. The full length CD was released at SubCulture in New York City, where the band performed live to a packed house. 

Since the release of her debut album and first performance with a full band, Julia has gigged all throughout New York City. With the alluring energy she exudes through her performances, Julia has established herself at well-known historic venues such as The Bitter End, Rockwood Music Hall, and Pete’s Candy Store. Over the past few years, she has been working hard on composing new music. 

Her most recent release, the album “Brooklyn” (2019), features songs that were written over the course of her very first semester in college. “Brooklyn”-- styled in the genre of indie-pop-- is an exciting 8-song journey through Julia’s use of intriguing and captivating melody, harmony, and rhythm. With each song, the album unfolds a poignant story that draws inspiration from missing home and starting anew. Taking advantage of the opportunities offered at school, Julia recorded the entirety of “Brooklyn” at the Conservatory of Music at Purchase College in various music studios with a wide range of instruments and equipment. Produced by good friend, artist, and engineer Alicia McMillan, the two spent hours on end in the studio recording the songs for “Brooklyn” with many musicians. The elaborate string arrangements, which can be heard on songs such as “January Baby”, “Follow Her Down”, and “Time”, were created during studio time by Julia, Ash, and violinist Isabel Shon. Many of these string arrangements were made by layering violin melodies to create swelling harmonies that speak in color and add distinct emotion to each song. Julia speaks of “Brookyn”:  “This album shows a lot of growth for my music in terms of instrumental arrangement, lyrical content, and melodic ideas. For me, this album tells a story of my personal experience being away from home and adapting to newfound freedom while trying not to lose myself in the process. I hope that people will listen and relate to the stories behind these songs.” 

This past January, Julia performed the entirety of “Brooklyn” with a full band at Rockwood Music Hall for her album release show. She is currently working on and writing new material to be recorded soon!